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One reason I should create a Wholesale Account with LUX SKN + BTY?

As a company, we will be here to help you every step of the way, you won't just sign an application and be left to figure it out. We are committed to your success! You can be the got o source online, in person, through parties, etc. for the best makeup, the best colors, the most on trend products available and earn a potentially great income based on your efforts.

Is this a pyramid?

This is not Direct Selling. Each Independent Wholesale Account is individually owned and operated per your Initial Application/Agreement. 

What is my initial investment?

Depending on your budget and your interest level, you will purchase the Package(s) that best fits your Investment Potential. The more products you have on hand, the more money you can potentially earn. 

How do I build my inventory?

We recommend that you reinvest your proceeds for the first 6 months to a year, whether you reinvest 50% or 100% of your Sales proceeds is up to you, however, it is better to have more product on hand so that you can service more clients, customers, etc. If you were opening a brick and mortar store, would you unlock the doors and have empty shelves to sale from? Just a thought...

Is LUX SKN + BTY sold in retail stores?

LUX SKN + BTY is sold exclusively via Wholesale Purchasing from our Company directly. There is no limit to where our product line can be sold in terms of retail locations. 

What happens at a LUX SKN + BTY Home Party?

Fun, fun, fun!  There is no formal presentation, clients look at all of the cosmetics the consultant has available and purchase what they love and can't live without.

What makes LUX SKN + BTY Unique?

Our CEO, Garlinda Price, loves cosmetics and of course being from the South, Garlinda loves "sparklies", anything that shines and is bold. As our Visionary, she researched various manufacturers and found an amazing mix of products that customers love and adore!

The other things that make LUX SKN + BTY unique is the fact that you can:

1. Earn while you learn. Cosmetics are recession proof, this is a proven economic fact!!

2. LUX SKN + BTY are top of the line skincare and color products that are long wearing and make the wearer look amazing and feeling confident.

3. Our Wholesale Purchasing is simple.  

4. Our products are perfect for Fundraisers and can be sold in retail locations, online, create your own website, which offers a broader customer base for you to earn from.

What is my Minimum Order?

Every order is a minimum $250 per order, you can have a wide mix of products per order. There are no exceptions to the minimums. 

How long will it take me to receive my products?

All product orders are submitted to our Vendor the same day and depending on the time of the year, products will take 7-10 BUSINESS days. If you are an International Buyer, your products will take longer depending on Shipping and Customs.

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