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Hot Beauty Trends for Summer 2022

The blogosphere has spoken and these are some of the top trends for Summer 2022! Bright pops of color on the eyes, smudged eyeliner, lined lips 90's aesthetic, nude, shimmer high gloss lips, under eyeshadow shadow is beautiful prism like shades.

How can you get all of these looks, we start by shopping with us here at: We are your one stop shop for all these skincare and beauty related.

This summer is also about minimalism as it relates to our skin. Is your skin ready to make it's debut from underneath the concealers and the foundations? If the answer is no, no worries, we've got you covered or uncovered I should say. These are 4 basic skincare must haves from LUX SKN + BTY by Garlinda Eucalyptus Cleanser, Sea the Difference Toner, Mattifying Moisturizer and our Elite Eye Cream! if you are prone to breakouts, you will want to throw in our LUX SKN + BTY by Garlinda Blemish Be Gone Serum!!

Now your skin is ready to make it's debut and your next faves will come from our color line, order asap our Diamond Glaze Lipgloss in our favorite shades: Northern Lights and Pink Confection.

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